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Sergio Deer Mint (3991)

1,500.00 AED 750.00 AED


Farada Milano Classic Deer Leather Sandals, comfort for everyday wear.

An extremely lightweight and comfortable design and are made of genuine Deer Calf leather with a rubber sole and a rubberized center buckle.

Hand-Made in Italy.


In a small town of Vigevano in Milano province, a craftsman chased his dream to create a masterpiece out of a hand-stitched sandal made from the finest materials. His designs were unique and his craftsmanship was unmatched to any. We had one true aim, to diffuse luxury with traditional Arabic footwear. Farada Milano is a brand that was born years ago. It was created to define luxury. A bespoke hand made sandal brand now conceptualised as a store that offers luxury in every piece it presents. Our sandals and leather goods are crafted from leathers sourced from some of the best tanneries around Europe. Each piece is designed by an extremely talented individual who requires impeccable craftsmanship. The use of 'rare' and ‘exotic' materials truly defines luxury. We promise to create luxurious pieces and our ‘exotic’ collection stays true to its promise.